Weekly Enrichment Descriptions for IUPUI Day Camps – 2017

Enrichment Offerings are designed to allow children to explore their interests in a variety of activities. Campers will experience all benefits of the Jaguar Camp PLUS Enrichment curriculum starting at 9 a.m. continuing to lunch.

From Garden to Table-Junior Chef (Ages 9-12)

Looking for the perfect summer program for the Junior Chef in your home? Look no further! Chartwells at IUPUI is proud to offer a unique 1-week food class. Led by IUPUI’s executive chef, campers will learn basic food preparation techniques. From the garden to the table, students will be engaged in a kitchen environment each day.

Week 4 June 19 – 23

Abracadabra Balloon Art (Ages 5 – 12)

Children will learn through a hands-on approach the art of Balloon Twisting. This is so much fun for them and a great way to booster self-confidence and fine motor skills. The kids will learn lots of different balloon animals, objects, hats, etc. which they take home proudly to show to their families each day. Each child will be given a supply kit to take home at the end of the week so they can continue practicing and furthering their skills.

Week 5 June 26 – 30

Bricks 4 Kidz (Ages 6+)

We learn, we build, we play…with LEGO® bricks! Using both traditional and LEGO® Technic pieces such as gears, axles, and motors, campers will be working together to construct a variety of moving models using Bricks 4 Kidz step-by-step directions, as well as building creations using their own imagination. Weekly themes include super heroes, video game characters, carnival rides, and more! With a variety of themes to choose from, there is something for everyone! Ages 6+.

Week 1 May 30 – June 1: Best of Bricks (Our favorite LEGO models)
Week 2 June 5 - 8: Carnival Creator (build Amusement Park rides)
Week 3 June 12 - 15:Galaxy Far Away (Star Wars fun)
Week 4 June 19 – 22: Gamer's Challenge (Pokemon, Minecraft & more!)
Week 7 July 10 - 13: Mining & Crafting: (LEGO for Minecraft lovers!)
Week 8 July 17 - 20: Movie Mania 1: (builds from LEGO Batman, Harry Potter, & more!)
Week 9 July 24 - 27: Movie Mania 2: (LEGO Super Heroes, Star Wars, & more!)
Week 11 August 7 - 10: Things that Go (LEGO vehicles with Remotes)

Crouching Tigers (Ages 5 – 12)

Crouching Tigers is a mobile fitness and martial arts program offering a curriculum devoted to the physical, emotional, and social development of children. The weekly activities are designed to improve balance, coordination, and other sensory stimuli while reinforcing great social skills in a group environment.

Week 3 June 12 - 16
Week 4 June 19 - 23
Week 7 July 10 - 14
Week 8 July 17 – 21

Junior Lifeguard (Ages 11 – 12)

This enrichment camp is geared towards introducing children to the "real world” of lifeguarding and water safety. Instructors for this course are the Natatorium's award-winning lifeguards and Ellis Associates Lifeguard Instructors. Each camper will learn water safety and rescue protocol as well as CPR, First Aid, and water surveillance. This course does not provide a CPR certification, but students gain knowledge and experience. Ages 11-12; 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Week 2 June 5 - 9
Week 7 July 10 - 14

Photography (Ages 9 – 12)

This camp is geared towards introducing campers to the wonder world of photography. Campers will learn foundational principles of good beginner photography to include learning the essential functions of a camera, instruction on lighting and composition techniques and positioning oneself to capture the best photos possible.

Week 10 July 31 - August 4

Skyhawks (Ages 7 – 12)

Skyhawks provides a wide variety of fun, safe and positive programs that emphasize critical lessons in sports and life, such as teamwork, respect and sportsmanship. Our programs are designed to give each child a positive introduction into sports while fostering a lifelong love for an active, healthy lifestyle. Our patient and knowledgeable staff use a variety of skill-building games and activities to give each athlete a complete understanding and overview of the sport. Since 1979 Skyhawks has taught over one million boys and girls life lessons through sports. Please view our website at for further information. Ages 7-12.

Week 2 June 5 – 9: Soccer
Week 3 June 12 – 16: Flag Football
Week 4 June 19 – 23: Basketball
Week 5 June 26 – 30: Soccer
Week 6 July 3 - 6: Multi-Sport
Week 7 July 10 - 14: Track and Field
Week 8 July 17 - 21: Baseball
Week 9 July 24 - 28: Multi-Sport

Green Jags Sustainability (Ages 9 – 12)

Led by the IUPUI Sustainability Staff, this provides campers with hands-on introductions to learning about and living a sustainable lifestyle. Participants will learn about the basics of environmentally friendly and socially-responsible decisions and lifestyles, through urban gardening and beekeeping, recycling and composting, protecting our natural resources, and biking.

Week 2 June 5 – 9
Week 4 June 19 - 23

Silly Hearts Yoga (Ages 5 – 9)

Silly Hearts Yoga: children learn to take their bodies from calm to energized and back again. Children use animal movements and noises to move and have fun. Music, books and games are incorporated to engage children and help them connect with yoga across all areas of their development. For older children more advanced concepts are introduced, along with more complicated yoga poses. Classes are designed and adapted for the specific group of children and are modified as needed to fit the mood and energy level of children on any given day. Ages 5-9

Special Guest June 23rd
Week 2 June 5-9
Week 7 July 10-14

Ultimate Frisbee (Ages 9 – 12)

Campers will learn the sport of Ultimate Frisbee in a fun, exciting, and nurturing environment! Campers will learn important fundamentals and techniques to help each camper improve their skills and understanding of Ultimate Frisbee.

Week 10 July 31 – August 4
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